Several criteria are decisive in the evaluation of the fair value of your property: the price per square meter, the year of construction, the condition of the property, or the comparison made with the local Property  market. But when it comes to Property  valuation , each property is unique . If estimation tools and proven methods make it possible to achieve a result very close to the market, there is no absolute mathematical formula.

Logical and rational thinking can be skewed against reality. For example, an owner-seller could establish an automatic relationship between the purchase price of his property and its market value. Or for emotional reasons, he might be tempted to value his property more than the market.

Cognitive biases are human and affect us all to varying degrees. For a pragmatic estimate, it is recommended to call on an expert in Property  valuation who will bring a fresh look to the estimate  and allow you to obtain the right price.

In addition, there are many simulator sites online, but they are still limited. Admittedly, they give an overall evaluation but not a personalized estimate, because it is difficult to correctly estimate a property without having visited it beforehand, so they can lead you to a bad estimate of your selling price. Our real estate agency estimates your property free of charge and without obligation on request , our professional experience allows us to evaluate all types of goods and to accompany you from A to Z in your real estate project. Our team estimates your real estate assets in Geneva, Neuchâtel, Vaud, Valais, Jura or Fribourg. Contact her quickly to find out the value of your house or apartment.

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